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8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Rockingham County, NH
It has been fairly warm here in NH finally. My chicks are almost 5 weeks old and the coop will be finished this weekend. Right now, it is 75 in my house, I do have a fan circulating the living room as it is sticky in here. The chicks are as loud as they have EVER been! Is it too warm in here? They never cheep this much! Any suggestions? The brooder they are in is probably a tad small at this stage but I just need a few more days! LOL
Yep my two 8 week old girls "yell" at me when I bring them in due to weather and yell to go back out the next day. I think they just really like being outside.
Well, the cheeping has been non stop for an hour and now they are trying to fly out of the brooder! W T H is going on? I am just confused! They have never done this before! I checked the brooder as that was outside too and there is nothing in it. Their water and food is on the side of the brooder that we open and that is where they are all standing and cheeping!
I think they just needed to go to bed. I turned off all the lights and went into the bedroom to watch tv and they quieted right down!
Maybe the weather with humidity, with june bugs, a great recipe for protein, lights left on will yield more bugs ?
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If your profile pic is the most recent of your brooder/chicks, maybe it's time for the double wide!

My 3 week old chicks that have been broody raised are now dust bathing and grass eating outside in the evening.

I've found that they need new stimulus each day, especially in a brooder without a mom.

Have fun! Keep us posted.

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