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Hola'! I am new here and just moved to Maple Valley, WA from west of seattle. We moved to 5 acres and there is a large coop my husband just netted the top of. I have not had chicken in years and would like to perhaps get a few pullets to add to my pet collection as I adore birds. I have several keets and a canary. I am interested in leisure keeping and just would like to adore some pet chickens and get some eggs. I have not kept chickens in about 30 years and need some help about things I have to keep them heated out there somehow? and so forth. I have 90% set up the coop already and just need some birds and kind advice. Also, if any local people read this and have some birds for sell that would be fab. I Tried! to get on the profile page to go to the BUY pages but it kept re-directing me. I am bad with technology, what can I say?! Anyhooo thanks for any help you can give me re: the weather and needs. They have nest boxes and a very large, wooden coop kinda like a mini-shop of sorts with netted windows and we put a latching, close-fitting door and so forth. cheers! melissa
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You could always order them from hatcheries.Sime hatcheries I think sell 8 week old chickens.And
from WI. There are a few section on BYC that may answer your questions in detail....As far as weather goes, it's a "ht" topic now with winter approaching. As a general rule, most heavy breeds are fairly hardy and do better in cold than heat. Chickens with large combs and wattles may be more prone to frostbite. Most important is to provide DRY and draftfree shelter but still have good ventilaton. Check out the section on Coop Building, there are many recent posts on winterizing, ventilation etc. Also in the FAQ section you will find a link to the issue of chickens in winter.
Next, check out the section for swaps/meets/auctions, there may be something in your area....Check the Buy,Sell,Trade postings for chickens...they are grouped in fertile eggs, day old - 8 weeks and then older than 8 weeks I think. Someone may have what you are looking for. If you are not sure what breed or mix of chickens you want, check BYC's breed section, Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart and/or Feathersite. You can also check hatcheries to purchase chickens
Oh, I think you may have to read/agree to something if you want to post on BST section, it was just recently changed....but there is a sticky in that section that has the info. You can also check the "Where Am I? Where Are You" section to find a thread for folks from your state...sometimes you can find or post there that you are looking for chickens.....Good luck
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Welcome from Indiana!
I'm sure you'll find some chickens in no time...check Craigs list in your area....or as others have said, check hatcheries. Use the search tool to help you find posts on almost any topic question you are interested in...
from Arizona. You can look in the for sale forum. Lots of hatching eggs for sale there. And hatching your own out is soooooooo addicting.

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