Newbie quail mama needs help!

Nov 22, 2020
Hello all, I have been pouring over these pages for a week now since my 12 supermarket quail eggs hatched! This was a little lockdown science experiment with my 4 and 7 year old and unbelievably 12 out of 24 hatched! They are now a week old and EXTREMELY cute, my son adores them 😊
my only slight concern is the temperature outside as it’s heading into Dec in the UK so getting frosty at night (and worse to come in Jan/Feb) the best thing to do keeping them in their big plastic box with a very fine veg mesh on the top for another 3 weeks? They are then due to go up to my friend in Norfolk (who has chickens, doves etc so has experience with birds) but not sure when to travel them up there? Will they survive a 3 hour car journey without a heat lamp?!?! I can have the heating on full blast?? Do they then go into an outside chicken/rabbit run? So sorry for all the questions...I don’t want to get it wrong as I am reading a lot of different advice but suspect it’s all from different climates at different times of year! Thanks so so much for your help in advance 😊
Did 500 baby quail for someone a fewyears ago. They need heat right now but enough room that they can find their own sweet spot between too hat and too cold. Think approx 90 degrees the first week and down 5 degrees per week after. Don’t cook them though. I’m sure you have already found that they lay on their sides to sleep so it looks like they all are dead. They should be ok for the car trip in a few weeks. Good job getting them to hatch and good luck.

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