newbie question about worming .

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    May 30, 2010
    Franklin Nc
    hi everyone how do I know if I need to. worm my chickens or not I have not seen any wormes at all but after throwing up after I read a post a min. ago I am wondering if I should worm mine I have 2 grown hens 1 4 mo. old turkey 6 4 mo. old hens 1 5 mo. old roo and 8 3 mo. old chickens and 8 2 mo. old chicks. what is the best way to do it in there water ? also there pen is on the ground so they can scratch. ( if that matters lol ) also is there waste supposed to be formed because sometimes its like water but they all seem fine. my kids love to hold them but I make them scrub after they hold them change clothes ex. but there all fat and happy any imput I would love thanks.
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    Don`t worry about it, Jessa. If you start seeing worms in their droppings, or they get listless or pale, then it`s time to worm........Pop
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    May 31, 2009
    I'm reading this thread because I too got grossed out by the other thread. Question: how do you know if your hen is pale? Seriously. Not trying to be funny. What part gets pale?

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