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O.k. I'm sure this is a total newbie question but I need to know before I go any farther in raising ducks and geese. Can you breed a brother and sister from the same litter? Or is that a big no no?

Any thoughts? I was wondering if you can or can't do that with geese as well?
Does any body have any thoughts on this matter?
You can and with small flocks it often happens (btw we call them clutches not litters) It isn't considered the best practice since if continued over generations the flock can become "inbred" usually nothing is seen in the early generations. yes both ducks and geese.
I thought it was called a clutch, thanks.
That helps a lot!!!!
I'm looking at getting 11 khaki Campbell ducks, 3 Khaki Campbell drakes, 2 Welsh Harlequin drakes, and 5 Welsh Harlequin ducks. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to not interbreed but still grow my flock without buying any?
I'm also looking at getting some Sebastopol geese and/or butchering geese to raise and sell. Any ideas?
Thanks for all your help!
i think one way to do that , changes are f you get them they would be related unless you get them from other sorces , like the darks from one place etc.
have 3 pens for the camblles our just 2 , and then put the ducks in that pen , wait untill you have gnogh to incubate , then swith the ducks with a nother drake , incubate repeat with other drake. you would be able to do this with geese too
Perhaps you could borrow a drake, or send one of your ducks for a short stay at a place with unrelated drakes? Set your lovebirds up in their own separate pen for a couple of weeks before returning him to his home? It would take a little while with the quarentine periods you'd need, but otherwise it seems pretty good I think. I haven't tried yet though, won't need to for at least 3 years or so...Could look for another local BYC'er or try Craigslist. Already looking forward to writing up that 'personals ad'
"Cute single lady looking for a Khaki Campbell gentleman for good times with no commitments. Maybe if you're lucky my sisters will join in!" etc etc.

Not sure if I could go through with it though. I'd have to be very careful to make it clear that *I* wasn't looking for a *human* casual encounter! Maybe that part's not such a good idea. Maybe more like
"Looking for a drake to visit my ducks for a few weeks. I will provide shelter, food, etc. You can take home some of the resulting fertile eggs as a stud fee."
Or at least that's about how i hope it goes.
I am also considering ducks...I already have chickens..and don't want to overdo it..ha... ha..Can I just order a male and female and let them mate? I don't want any inbreeding..should I get one male and two females? Any thoughts appreciated...

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