Newbie Question- When do chicks begin needing roosting poles?


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Mar 11, 2008
Hi everyone,
I've heard it's wise to introduce roosting poles early so your hens won't want to sleep in their nesting boxes. But how early? When do chicks begin to roost and what are your recommendations for where to put the poles?

Jennie in CA:)
Hi Jennie and welcome to BYC. I put a small perch in the brooder box with the new hatchlings. At about 2 weeks old I move them to a Chick-N-Hutch that has a roost bar (placed very low). I find even the babies love to jump up on the perch and they all take turns getting on the roost bar in their hutch and knocking one another off - kind of like playing King of the Mountain. I've never had a problem with them roosting anywhere other than the roosts once they move to coop with the big girls I guess since they grown up with roosts and see the big girls get way up there.

For the babies perch I've used the wooden dowel from a wooden clothes hanger (pants hanger) and just shoved it diagonally through the corner of the cardboard box I use as a brooder for that first two weeks.
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