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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by swanny297, Mar 5, 2016.

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    I have read a lot of great information but have a couple questions. We live in Northeast LA so temperatures are getting warm, coop isn't finished but I have found some local chicks that we are ready to get so I will set up a brooder. 4-5 RIR pullets to start a couple of questions I think I have the rest under control.
    1. Heating plate or heat lamp?
    2. What specific feeders and water trays do you put in a brooder?
    3. Can the brooder be put in the garage?
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    Welcome! All the above, plus make sure that your brooder is predator proof. Chicks are fun! Mary
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    Another method of watering which I have been using this first week with no problems, is a hamster water bottle (the kind with a little ball in the tip). I have six chicks and they all took to it within a few hours (except for my stubborn one who got it within the first day though). The benefits of it are that the water stays clean and doesn't get pooped in ( a huge deal for me because I am at work most of the day and can't change it every couple hours) and the water doesn't get spilled all over the bedding making a soggy mess for disease to thrive in. I decided to use it also for the reason that later on I will be providing a bucket with chicken nipples on it in their run and I think it may make for an easier transition from the hamster bottle since they will already know how to peck on the shiny thing for water.
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