Newbie Questions!


Aug 24, 2018
West Virginia
Hi! I’ve been on here for 4 months, so not “new” but I have a couple newbie questions that I have yet to figure out! What does following do? I’ve seen people comment on a threat, “Following!” So, I followed people but I never get notifications that they’ve started or updated a thread? Sorry if this isn’t where I should post it! Also, I see where it says Messages, Likes, Points, and Feedback! I have no feedback, and I was going to give feedback to other people but I can’t find where to do it. I was looking at trophies and it said Rate A Page, but when I get on threads I don’t see a Rate button!

As for introduction, hi! Not so new, but sorta-new! I’ve only had ducks for five months! Four Pekin, One Cayuga, and I had for two short months (sadly, they become aggressive so we released them into a friendly flock of wild Pekins), Two Khaki Campbells! My signature (I found out how to make a signature!) should introduce the ducks! Again, if this isn’t where I should post this, if I can delete this post, I will!

Rating is for articles not threads.

Feedback is for the "sales"... When someone buys something from you.

Following a member... If you click on your "news feed" you should be able to see some of the stuff the people you follow do.

News feed can be found under your profile:

Does this help a little?
It's all good. All of us went through a rookie period of adjustment. Some of us took longer than others especially if unfamiliar to computers and message boards (me) But now I can whiz around the site, even with my eyes closed (from spending all day here)- nobody seems to notice the difference :lau
I keep bragging about how nice everyone is! It’s such a great community helping one another! I hope I get better at the site, lol, I keep forgetting where stuff is! Texas Kiki really helped! I now see threads people commented on! I’m sorry, one last question; how do you get notifications? I always see people saying ‘sorry they missed the notification’ or that ‘they received one’. I never do? I’m on mobile on Safari!

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