Newbie still working on Homemade Sourdough Duck Bread Recipe


Ruffus and Big Boy
Jun 11, 2020
Hello all,

I been working on a little project and I posted a link below that might be helpful with trying to explain what I am trying to do, by making and baking a healthy bread treat for our ducks from the whole multi grains ( fine flour only ) that I mill for feed. I lightly crack the grains with a hand crank mill and then sift the cracked grain through a screen before I ferment it for feed. The sifting of the cracked grains first before fermenting helps keep from wasting the fine flour that is in the bottom of the liquid that I can't press out before feeding, so it ends up down the drain and I see this as a waste, Not? If we had hogs they would get the liquid mixed in with their feed and I wouldn't worry about it.:) So over my wasting the fine grain flour I started sifting it out the cracked grain first before I start to ferment the grain kernels.

I have never made any type of bread from scratch before only home made pizza dough with slow rise yeast, so I do have a bit of understanding in how the yeast works. Since I would be wanting to use the liquid I drain from my already sour fermented grains, I am guessing this would be my natural sour starter already mixed in with my fine flour to make the sourdough bread.

My big question is this, since I will be using the sour liquid that is fermented and mixed with the natural wild yeast that is still left in the dry flour and liquid, would this be enough of a sour yeast mix to make the bread dough rise for baking? If so? What would be the best way to bake it? After researching how to make sourdough bread from scratch, the baking process with using a Cast Dutch Oven sounds like a lot of extra work over just baking it.

Any input on this will be greatly appreciated, thank you. :)
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