Newbie switching feed---any advice???


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My 2 BBW and 1BBB are just about 8 weeks old now, and my old USDA chart i found somewhere on line says @ 8 weeks i should switch to a 'growth' feed. The guy at my feed store says i should just keep feeding them starter till i switch to finisher.
i was planning on going to an organic growth feed, or staying with a starter but switching to an organic starter...this in only after my conversation with my guy at the feed store.
then i went back to the feed store, spoke with a different guy, and he told me to switch to a growth feed.
i am a little confused about what direction to head here.
these are thanksgiving turkey, so i guess i want some growth out of these birds...but from what i have read here i may have starter out about 3 or 4 weeks early.
any one offer any advice on which way i should go with the feed???
i can do the 20-24%, no problem...but the only during day light...that is a little scary. i dont want them cannabilizing in their pen, if that happens should i give them food at night?

depriving them of food seems tough, they eat like monsters. i let them graze when i get home from work, then i put them in their run, and they act like they havent eaten in a week when they get in front of their feed.
well if you don't they can develop leg problems and have heart attacks as they will eat way too much and their growing bodies will not be able to handle it. they are breed to gain as much weights as fast as possible on feed and if not regulated they will kill themselves.
i promise, next time i am going to try to get a heritage breed or a wild turkey. these are like mutants. i still have a long time to go before they are 'dispatched'. i really ahve to review my game plan. thanks for your help.

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