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6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Hello! So glad to find a site with a variety of questions and answers on a subject I all of sudden find myself concerned with -- Chickens!
My husband and I have been married for 6 months and are new chicken farmers. In fact, he just finished buiding our coop. I can finally move those almost-grown hens out of my spare bathroom! lol
We have shadowed and lurked around on here for about a month it's nice to finally join in with you all. We look forwards to learning how to successfully raise our newfound "children," lol.

We have 2 New Hampshire hens and 2 Cinnamon Queen hens, and my husband just picked up 6 new chicks this morning. Barred Rock (a cockeral and 2 pullets), a Buff Orpingtion pullet, and a Rhode Island Red pullet. Talk about variety.....

Can someone please tell us about what age we can expect our hens to start laying? Thanks!

Becky & Kory
That sounds good to me! We have about 3 months to go! Do you think we are putting our little chickens out in the yard too early? They are fenced in and have access to a chicken coop which we will close them in at night. They are 8 weeks old, and our weather is good and warm now.
Greetings from Kansas, Becky & Kory, and
! Great to have you aboard! Glad you hear your birds are almost ready to move to their new home! Enjoy those eggs this summer!
Hello! I have 6 chicks and 2 of them are plymouth rock, beautiful birds! I had my chicks in a large tote placed in the bathtub. Tonight is their first night in their real brooder and I'm so worried about them. I don't plan on moving them to a coop for another 1.5-2 months, I've read that after 8 weeks they can go to their full coop.

Hello and welcome from glad you joined BYC

Best wishes raising those peeps up to be precious egg layers :)
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