newbie to candling...and well everything chicken


6 Years
Dec 20, 2015
I have about 20 BCM eggs incubating. They are on day 16. I've candled them and removed the clear ones, however I'm wondering about any others that may not be viable. Could they explode? Since the shells are so dark, I'm not sure what is in them if it's not moving .I saw definite movement in 4 or 5, but I didn't want to leave the lid off too long to watch for movement in others.
How important is it to determine viability?
Can I just leave the questionable ones in there?


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
I'd leave them in unless they smell or seep. I've never had an egg just randomly explode in my 'bator. I'm sure it can happen, but I've always seen signs first. Marans are tough to incubate, I always leave them in if I'm unsure.


Oct 26, 2015
Southeast Alabama
you can usually smell a bad egg long before it reaches the point of exploding, give the vent of the incubator a good sniff when you're around it each day, if you get an odor, smell each egg, toss any that start to smell, at day 16 if they were going to smell, they'd of started by now.


Oct 19, 2015
California, USA
I'm on day 10 with 13 eggs, originally 14. Don't worry. If it was going to explode, it would definently smell, or there would be a small crack with whites and yolk coming out of it from pressure. The eggs can be without heat for up to 30 minutes. I usually candle all of mine in about 10 minutes. Just remove the entire tray, and shut the incubator so the incubator can regulate. You should be fine. I like to take each one and watch for a minute, and you can see movement. If you can't see movement, don't throw it away just yet. Wait 5 days, and if the egg has not grown, or is way behind the others with growth, consider it. It doesn't always mean they died though. Sometimes when I know they died because of a blood ring or something like that, I crack the egg open INSIDE a plastic bag like a ziploc, and examine the contents to see what went wrong. If you are sure one has died, crack it open and post a picture here. I will tell you what happened. Hope you have success!

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