Newbie to Incubating on lockdown today (questions please!!)..


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
Well here I am a newbie to this Incubating thing lol. I had experemented with my own eggs and 3 of the 3 piped one didnt zip or make it out. I am locking down 29 eggs today. 13 Welsummers , 11 Polish and 5 Silkie. I watched most of them moving a ton on thier own. I have the LG bator from TSC. because of the amount of eggs and the one that was stuck, my house having the A/C on so low humidity in the house. I filled the water reservore and added a wet washcloth in bottom. Sound ok? fingers crossed if the general consensus isnt to remove the washcloth we wair and wait lol!! Temp has been running 99.5 -100.5 no lower except for the min it took to turn. Oh they were put in 2/16..
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