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    Jul 7, 2010
    Can you show older hens, or just pullets? Does showing make many hens stressed? What is the chance of your hen getting sick while showing? Is there any other info that I should know about showing? Thanks!!
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    You can show both, shows offer classes for hens any female over 1 year and pullets any hen under 1 year.
    same with rooster - cockerals

    It can make them stressed,some breeds are a little more relaxed than others about it... The best thing is to start cage training your birds .it introduces them to relaxing and being examined by a judge ..A little peice of bread as a treat to teach the bird to face you as a reward. Chickens catch on to that pretty qquick...there are many good articles on correctly picking up your birds , and holding them on UTUBE and in prevent injury and distress. Mine are and always be a little squirrley and screamers but settle right down after a minute especially when they know the bread treat is coming.

    Just go up to the search line and type showing and preperation
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    Yes, it's always possible for your bird to become sick from being exposed to other birds whom you have no idea how they are cared for or where they came from.
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    Birds can definitely be stressed durring and after a show, especially if caged in a hot or extra humid area...Extra care should be taken if these conditions exsist. Fresh water with an electrolite additive is helpful and a mister can really cool down the birds. As to disease/parasite exposure: Any bird that is shown should be quarentined before reintroduction to your flock or breeding pens. I find it a good time to deworm and treat for extrenal parasites, as well.
    Classes range from show to show but always include pullets and hens/ cockerels and roosters. So hens show against hens, pullets against pullets, and so on...eventually a class winner may show against an older or younger bird.
    To get started it is always best to go to a show, just to see how things work. When you are ready to show; Get a copy of the show rules and requirements well ahead of the show to in sure your birds meet any testing requirements and to help you place your birds into the proper classes....Left unsaid; Buy the best birds you can afford from a reputable breeder/showman....buying anything less than good birds will only insure you never win...Don't Buy Hatchery birds and expect to Win....PERIOD...Jmo
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