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    I'm Trisha, currently mom to 17 pullets and 1 (oops!) rooster. He was supposed to be a Black sex link pullet but somehow he never got that little white spot on his head. The girls are (5 each) California Whites and Single Comb Light Brown Leghorns, 4 Black Stars, and 3 Silver Laced Wyandottes, who will, unfortunately, be going to a new home very soon because the Whites like to pull their feathers out and are too darn aggressive for the descriptions I've read of them. Then again, I could just cull the Whites, because what I really want is brown layers, anyhow...but I've never killed a chicken and it's gonna be interesting the first time I slaughter one (and believe me, it will probably be a slaughter).

    Anyhow, in the next few weeks I'm getting about a dozen straight run Cuckoo Marans chicks.

    I'm wondering how many roosters is too many for, say, 25 girls.

    I'd like to keep Jeb but he could go to the freezer if need be, or to the BBQ, or whatever, but I'd really like to have at least one Marans roo for the Marans girls, since that is the direction I'd eventually like to head in...breeding them.

    Should I wait and see how the boys get on before I decide, or choose Jeb's fate ahead of time and just plan on having him to the house for Sunday dinner?

    Trisha in MO
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    I would choose two or three Marans cockerels based on breed type and personality (a breeder and spare or two), so that you wont need to build a separate breeding pen for the Marans to keep Jeb from swimming in the gene pool.

    You should be able to get help in the "Meat Birds, etc" section when it comes time to send the extra boys to Freezer Camp.

    Welcome Trisha!!

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