Newbie with NO experience .... what breed?


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This is Piddle and Jiggles, I just rescued them from certain death , and I know nothing ! What breed are they and how do I know if they are Male or female? I have been reading on here for hours now , and have learned a lot , but I will gladly take ANY advice you are willing to give ! I just couldn't stand to see them put down ! (on the fastest learning curve of my life !
They look like Pekins (pure white ducks), you can vent sex them or wait a couple of weeks until they get their voice: female ducks quack and male ducks have a raspy quack. Also the male pekin will grow bigger than the female and will have two curly tail feathers.
UMMMM..... what is Vent sex them mean ... I seriously know nothing .....
( feeling quite embarrassed...)
Ahh, no need to feel embarrased. Nearly everyone here was there sometime in the past. I've only been learning a couple of years, and you sure came to the right place. They are sweet darlings who will totally steal your heart—if they haven't already. The only down side is that, yes, believe it, they are messy, but because of who they are, we all put up with it.
Enjoy your learning.
It's easier to find out on YouTube but i wouldn't try it because it could hurt them. Just by looking at them based on my experience with my ducklings i would say the one on the left is a male and the one on the right is a female. I've always found females to have a mean/tough look like the one on the right and the male ducks(drakes) to have a sort of timid/shy look. I'm 11/11 in my predictions of the sex of my ducklings 7 males 4 females.
Welcome! You will learn so much from this site and many others! I believe Metzer Farms has info on their web site that shows how to vent sex. It should only be done in the first few days of life and you can hurt them if you don't do it right. I got ducks for the first time a year ago and Ive learned everything on here, youtube, and pinterest. Have fun!
I fell in love at first sight ! They crack me up and fill my heart with joy. I just hope I get this right , I hate people who get babies and then dont take care of them ,i hope I am just over whelmed !!
Here's hoping you are right ! Because I believe they are too old to be vent sexed , I know one of them has a very meek personality and loves to be loved and the other is kind of aggressive at first. And heavens if you take one out of the box you HAVE to take both or the other raises the roof . Thank you all so much for your help and response , everyone here is so nice !

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