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    Apr 15, 2008
    My husband and I are building a very small coop like the Nags Head coop, which is built on a rolling cart. We are also building a run which will not be permanently attached because we want to be able to move both around to fresh grass. We live in the woods with lots of predators, so my greatest focus is on safety. We will be using only 1/2" hardware cloth on windows and the entire run.

    Now, this is where I am stumped -- I can't envision how to construct a pop door on the coop and an opening in the run that will be secure. In other words, I want the connection between the two to be secure, but I haven't come across any photos here of a close-up of this area. I wanted to make an actual framed area in the portion of the run that would connect to the pop door which would be "fitted" to the pop door, so that there would be no room for access between the run and the coop. Am I making sense? Ideas, anyone?

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    Since these two structures are not fastened together, connecting them by a rectangular tube that slips over another with one extending from one structure and the other tube extending from the other structure might work. One could slide over another with small enough clearance to keep predators from reaching or climbing through the space between the tubes. Think about how a jetway operates.

    Just an idea.

  3. Stumpy

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Chris, I just now saw your response. That sounds like a better idea than what I came up with.
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    Here's another idea to add to the previous: you could build the two pieces almost like a puzzle, fitting one directly into the other. Then, drill holes into both sections, and when you put them together, you can secure them by putting pins in the holes. I hope this makes sense... I guess it is similar to a trailer hitch, if you have ever attached the pin to the hitch... haha. good luck!

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