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Feb 7, 2012
I entered the world of peafowl last weekend when I purchased a yearling IB hen. I have her in a pen with my 3 call ducks and 3 silkies. They all are getting along, no fighting that is, just curious looks. My pen is 20x30x7h with netting over it. There is a hut (larger than an extra large dog house) for shelter and where I place the feed in the dry. She will eat but no go in it to get out of the rain. She perches on the roof of it.

My questions are:
Do I need to have a separate pen for her, or can I just add shade/shelter for her?
What are good treats/tricks/tips to help tame her?
I was thinking of looking for a male to put with her, or do I need to tame her for a while before adding another?

I am enjoying reading all about them. My SIL has them and I love watching them.
Usually even in the worst of storms, they still sleep outside. I have a huge shelter for mine, but they never sleep in there, always on one of their perches. When I let them free range in the fall/winter, they sleep really high up in a huge oak tree. You can leave them together, some others will say you can't because of various diseases, but I have personally never had a problem. You keep them de-wormed and healthy and there isn't an issue.

As far as treats, mine love cat food, dog food, bread, bananas, etc.

You should be able to put a male with her.
Thanks for the info. If I put a male with her, which would be better, a yearling or older male? Would a mature male be too aggressive for her and the ducks?
Well, I guess it would be a better idea to pen the peas and ducks separately. I'll have plenty of time to plan and build their aviary.

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