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    Jul 23, 2013
    hoping you guys can help me start off right!
    I'm going from guinea hens (2 left, both boys) to Chickens (bought 2 Bantams, 2 rhode island reds). I figured 6 birds was good for now, at least!

    Where I'm coming from: I had guineas in a 12x6 fully enclosed and shaded dog run with a plastic kids' playhouse in it for thier 'inside', plus perches all over and the whole thing was fully tarped off in the winter. It fit 8 happily (14 temporarily, but with fighting). I let them free range around the neighborhood during the day. the playhouse floor is pine shavings, the run floor is dirt.

    We are in the process of building a 2x6x2 raised coop, to butt against the outside of the run. it'll have 6 nesting boxes inside.

    Where I need help!!!!
    -what can I paint the inside of the coop? stain? latex? oil based? spray paint?
    -chicks are girls, guineas are boys. will this be a problem?
    -the guineas fly/waddle/travel all over the place because I leave em to do whatever they want all day (but always come home at night to get locked in). Do I need to do anything different with the chickens?
    -I have a dog and cats. they never bothered the guineas. will the chickens be ok with this?

    hmmm, I'm sure I will have more questions after I browse the forums! Thank you all!
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Taylors, SC
    Paint with anything that suits. Once dry, they are all safe. Exterior grades will be more durable.

    Mixing sexes should not be a problem. Male guineas don't have penises, so the chicken hens will be safe.

    If confined for a while before being let out to free range, the chickens will return each night to roost.

    The dogs and cats question is more will they bother the chickens. I understand that guineas are vigorous, loud, dominating birds that may keep the dogs and cats on a short leash. Chickens are more subdued, more like food. Everything eats chicken. I would keep an eye on the dogs and cats to be sure that they behave around the chickens. I certainly would not try them on chicks, wait until the chickens are feathered at least.


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