Aug 8, 2016
Good morning all! I just joined back yard chickens hoping to get some insight and advice on occasion. In May 2016 we purchased our first chickens (insert gasp here!) From a feed store. I had been doing some research and was interested in true Americauna because of their winter hardiness, egg production and hertitage breed status. Did not realize at that time that even though that is what they were called we were actually getting easter eggers.
Not so upset by this fact now. Love my flock. We were supposed to get 10 hens but ended up with 9 hens and one rooster. Have also since added in one little bantam we adopted because a neighbors dogs kept trying to eat him. We lost one hen in a bad storm we had a few weeks back.
Recently my roo has developed a terrible attitude with my hens and has been pulling there neck feathers out and has brought blood. I understand they are young and but my hens have started running from him and appear to hide at times. They haven't started laying yet and shouldn't for another month or two.
So my question is it normal for him to bully my hens like this?


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It's normal for a hormonal teenage rooster to get a bit rough with the hens, but if he is doing it to the point of terrorising the hens and injuring them, he should be removed from the flock for a bit so he can cool his heels.

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Unless you need or want a rooster for fertile eggs to hatch or sell - your hens will be much happier if you rehome him. They will lay just as many eggs without him and not be abused or frightened.

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