May 16, 2015
My wife and I are both retired and decided to raise a couple of chickens. We made the big mistake of getting the chicks before we had all our ducks in line and fell to the “spell” of the baby chickens. Everything soon became centered around them! The birds thrive on it and so do we. The girls are now 6 months old and just starting to lay. There are 4 ladies here, no roosters, and all are “Buff Orpington”. They are a perfect fit. Glad to find this site, wish I would have checked sooner.
Welcome from Georgia! I am also retired and really enjoy these retirement days. The chickens make it alot more fun.
I'm not on here alot but when I've needed help my posts have always received replies from kind, caring, and knowledgeable people. So never hesitate to ask questions - someone will always reply to help you. And if you just want to share, there's always someone who wants to talk chickens! A great group of people here.
Orpingtons are a wonderful breed to own. Enjoy!

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