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Jul 7, 2022
I am a newbie getting into raising chickens. We started last year with six calico princess and six sapphire gems. Living in the mountains, we lost a few to animals and learned the hard way. We are down to 4 of our original flock. We have a black copper maran cockerel who is growing into quite a handsome bird and getting along great with our hens. We ended up with another cockerel that is a silver death layer. He’s being rehomed. :/ We have three Wyandotte pullets (11 weeks) that my son just had to have as they were the last at our feed store. They of course haven’t been released into the flock yet. Tonight we just picked up what we are told are 6 pullets of mixed varieties (silkies, sapphire gems, barnveldors). We are hoping she’s right. Being mixed they are funky looking and hard to identify!

We enjoy getting more and more into homesteading on our half acre in the mountains of Colorado, and have a large garden to become more self sufficient. We also have two small children and two dogs.

As a newbie to chickens I’m hoping to pick some brains of more experienced folks. Thanks!
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