6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Hi I love to raise chickens.. I had 50 chickens back in 2007 and had so much trouble with the coons in our area.. Miss the chicks so bad. My husband is kicking and screaming the whole way but I want my chickens back.! Miss them
welcome to BYC, tuckeb2!
LOTS of ideas on here on how to protect your birds. Toss a question out on the "coop construction" or "predators and pests" forums, and watch the suggestions pour in. Good luck, and while you're waiting for eggs, scare up some great recipes for your hubby's favorite egg-based dishes. You'll win him over in no time!
you'll have to build a coop and run like ft.knox - no predators welcome. If you free range, you would be better to have some kind of livestock protection dog- or use electric fencing.

lots of husbands(or wives) seem to be very resistant until they actually see the chicks- and then really like them. Hope it works that way for you.

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