5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
Hey all! I don't have chickens...yet. First I have to convince the township. I live in a semi rural area in south central PA on a half acre lot, zoned agricultural. My neighbors all have 1/4 to several acre lots. (My back door neighbor is a small farm with sheep, a pony and chickens!) I'm not allowed chickens because the ordinance says the lot size has to be a full acre.
Anyway, I'm gathering info and doing my homework so I have the knowledge needed to approach the zoning board to allow a variance or even change the law. I'm hoping all y'all can give me some good advice and soon, like you, I'll have some backyard chicken friends!
PS - My son lives in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis (almost downtown!) on a tenth acre and he can have chickens! Crazy!
Good luck with the township!!!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Good luck getting the ordinances changed! TwoCrows gave you a great link to get started on that You might also like to check out your state thread for neighbors that might want to join your effort If all else fails, would your backdoor neighbor let you keep a chicken tractor on his property?
Maybe... I would have to cross a stream and climb a fence.... Maybe we could put in a gate!
Our properties join at the pasture where their chicken coop is and where their chickens free range. If the chickens become friends, would they go back to their own coops in the evening?

Good luck with your township! Hopefully they see the light! My city just passed a domestic chicken ordinance 2 1/2 years ago. So happy!

Just got my chicks last month and they are going strong. So glad to be able to have chickens again.

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