May 13, 2015
Hi I'm a newbie to chickens. I have 11 new chicks(rir,bsl,cpr). I have an 8 x 8 shed I'd like to convert into their coop. Anybody know where I can get interior design plans. Ie where to put door and windows in relation to nest boxes etc.
Hi, welcome to BYC!

Good luck with your coop build. It's nice to have you join us!
so glad you decided to join us. Congratulations on your new chicks.

You have already been given links to coops forums and should investigate specifics there.

But IMO: Assuming the human door is already there, select a wall away from direct light and provide some privacy. Place the chicken door where the gals came come in and walk to the nests without walking under roosts to avoid tracking poops in. Place a window where they can see out and offers cross ventilation - mine love to get on their roosts and look out.

Good luck with the coop. If you get a draft you like, you can start a thread and post it there for specific suggestions.
I am a newbie too, just got my first chicks 7 weeks ago. I would say do your research. Write down exactly what you want and where you want it because if not then it might not turn out how you planned. Good luck and upload pictures of your progress! Others may give you good ideas too
Also rule of thumb is 4-5 sg.feet per bird in the coop excluding nest boxes and roosts. Allow 10 sg.feet per bird in the outdoor run. A run cover is always a bonus, helps protect from rain and snow, keeps climbers and jumpers and RAPTORS from getting your flock as well.

Welcome to Backyard chickens. So glad you joined the flock.

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