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Apr 26, 2013
Goshen, NY
Hello, from upstate NY! We are newbies to raising chickens and ducks! I am enjoying it all. The chickens were planned but the ducks were so cute we could not resist. I can seem to find enough information on raising ducks. What kind of treats can they eat. They are all Peking and beautiful . Soon the coop and an enclosed pond will be ready and they will all go out. A little nervous about that!
Greetings from Kansas, zzack354, and
! Pleased you joined us! Ducks and chicks!! You will be busy as there are lots of similarities but many differences in the care and keeping of each. Make sure you read some of the old posts in the BYC duck thread below - lots of good info. A couple of tips: Ducks take a different food than chicks - different nutrients. Try to brood them in different containers - the water demands and messiness of ducks means sets up a situation that isn't good for baby chicks as the brooder is always damp when ducks are around. Good luck to you and your flock!

BYC Duck thread:

And here is a link to a huge duck hatchery - make sure you check out the care and management tab - tons of great information!
Well everything has fallen into place! Everone was moved outdoors.The chicks are in there coop and the ducks in a temporary pen, until the pond gets completed. Everyone is about 8 weeks old. Here are the ducks!

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