Newborn chick with 'weak' foot

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Sep 23, 2012
Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone, my broody hatched 2 eggs on Sept 4&5. The second chick had pipped by the evening of the 4th, but had not hatched by the afternoon of the 5th, so I helped hatch him - he was very dried out (stuck to the membrane)! It took him 2 days to fluff up! Now that he is 4 days old, momma is teaching him to peck and drink, and I noticed he can't exactly walk on his left leg. I picked him up and his toes were lying flat together so his foot made a single point. When I put him down, he couldn't straighten his toes, and momma's starting to ignore him, so I'm going to make a boot. Why materials should I use? I will be using band-aids, but what do I use for the 'sole' of the boot? Can it harm him if his leg is 'shorter' all the time depending on the thickness of the 'sole'?
Any suggestions are appreciated!! :)
Six Chickies
I'm sorry that we didn't see this post earlier. Google poultrypedia podiatry and click on the link to a very good site for foot and leg problems, and how to solve them. It has tips on vitamins which are important with toe problems. Your chick may have a slipped tendon, but you will find out when you visit the site.
Egret is walking!!! :D the one day when we were trying to slip the tendon back in place, when we put her on the ground, she took a couple steps on her foot, and fell. Now, 5 days later, she is walking almost normally with both feet! I'm so happy that she has a better chance!

I even saw her run! :)
Egret passed away on Sunday... I'm not sure whether it was that his mother abandoned him or that he just died, but I think something was wrong internally - one wing had long feathers and the other had barely grown. But I know the treatment worked because he was walking. :(

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