Newby at having chickens with questions

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    Feb 16, 2016
    I am learning so much about having chickens for the last year but I have a couple quick questions.
    No 1: My free range 4 chickens go into their roost at about 2-3 min later each day as the days get longer and how
    do they know how to do this?
    Also, out of my 4 chickens, two are BO and both seem to be doing the Broody thing. They look and sound so miserable. How can I make life easier for them? I have no rooster so they are sitting on freshly laid eggs or placebo eggs.....I am worried about them not eating and drinking like they should. Are there any suggestions out there to help them out of this broody behavior and start laying again? I had this problem last spring too, when they were only a few months old and had just started to lay. I thought they were ill and took one of my girls to the vet, who could give me no reasonable advice (but they charged me $168 to give her a pain shot and several injections of saline to hydrate her. Now I know about the Broody behavior and realize this is what they are doing.
    I appreciate any information.....sometimes books just don't get my quandary like owners of chickens would understand my questions. I just love my chickens and they are so lovable and sweet. Are they really in a lot of pain (like they sound) when they are Broody and don't want to leave the nest.
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    Hi and welcome to BYC.

    Yep, your chickens will only go to roost as darkness begins to fall, so increasing daylight means later bedtimes [​IMG]

    If you type "Broody buster" in the search box you will find a number of threads on how to break broodiness.

    Good luck

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