Jul 19, 2016
Hello everyone, my name is Leah and I'm from Michigan.

I am new to the chicken world. I currently have 2 hens (1 bantam cochin & 1 Frenchy) and 1 rooster (leghorn I believe). I adopted the rooster (Chappie) from another person who had him with other roosters and they were fighting with him so I decided to take him in. Not knowing anything about chickens either. I grew up in the country, but never owned chickens. I love my chickens and hope to get more soon, but have to build a bigger coop. I let my chickens free range and they love it. I love to sit here and watch them throughout the day, especially the cochin (Minnie).

However, my rooster developed a sneeze over the past week and I have him on VetRx. He seems to be doing the same so I've been reading through the site on what to do. I have to tell you that this site is great. especially for newbies. I can't believe all the information on here.

I would like to know where everyone gets their supplies from for their chicks. I don't have very many places to go where I live. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for accepting me on your site.
Hi Leah. I'm new here myself but welcome to BYC.

Also from Michigan (northern lower penn). Depending on the supplies you're talking about, most of the time a local feedstore or a chain store can provide. If all else fails ftw!

As for rooster sneezes, sometimes it's just dust in the coop. Wouldn't get too worked up if it's not an ongoing thing.
Hi Leah and welcome to BYC - thanks for joining us. Your roo's sneezing could be caused by a number of issues. For the moment it may be a good idea to isolate him. It's often very difficult to diagnose respiratory issues without consulting a vet (and it seems that not all have experience with poultry). I'd suggest posting on the ER forum -

Good luck
Welcome to BYC! I would definitely recommend isolation. Though with only two chickens, that may be a bit much. Especially if you don't have a place to put him.
Certainly keep looking, but I am leaning towards he needs antibiotics. Tractor Supply has them. You are most likely going to see them for cattle or goats. Return to BYC for proper dosage.
A lot of respiratory problems chickens can have, some can be very contagious. I agree on isolated (quarantining) him. You may want to post on the "emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures," thread in case he may need an antibiotic. They probably could give proper dosage. Even so, there is only so much than can be conveyed over the internet. It can be best to have an actual vet check him out.

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