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6 Years
Aug 30, 2013
Hi -
I'm new to north San Diego County, CA and to the beautiful town of Fallbrook. I recently moved to a one acre property with a great view of mountains and trees. I'm also a newbie with chickens. I'm planning on building a coop and run for three chickens. Of course I'm also planting gardens and fruit trees and grape/berry vines. The chicken challenges I see here are the heat and the coyotes. The summer days are hot, so a well ventilated coop is obviously a must. The overall property is fenced with chain link, but coyotes are pretty smart (and hungry) so additional secure fencing around the chicken area is also a must. I'm open to any suggestions.
I'm glad this website and community were suggested to me by a friend.
Hello! Welcome to BYC and to chickens! I'm in Los Angeles, not too terribly far from you.

I always recommend building a bigger coop than you think. It sounds like you have the space and chickens always do better with lots of room -- and as anyone on here will tell you, you always end up with more chickens than you think you are going to get. It's addicting.

It sounds like you are off to a good start. A good shady spot in your run makes a big difference in the heat and I would definitely re-enforce whatever chain link or chicken wire you have with hardware cloth all along the bottom 3 ft or so. Also be aware of hawks. They have been a problem for me.

Good luck!!
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!

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