Newest members of our farm...13 grey call ducklings


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7 Years
May 23, 2012
Spencer, Iowa
Bought grey call duck drake and two hens six weeks ago and two weeks later both hens were sitting on nests. First batch arrived last Thursday...mama had 13 babies. Got two runts in house under heat lamp but otherwise they all doing great. Had to share some pictures.
Thanks..was pretty happy the hens made nests so fast and shocked. Have read and heard call ducks can be a challenge to sit on nests or abandon their nests so kept holding my breath the last 28 days. Even more shocked that there were so many...only had one egg that was rotten mama didn't hatch.
I live in Northwest Iowa...anybody in this region looking for call ducks let me know in couple weeks as we will not be keeping all of them. I would love to but that is just too many for our little coop.

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