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Sep 5, 2019
Bladensburg, OH
In Feb 2018 I got 6 chickens because I wanted fresh organic eggs. A friend provided us with a person who was trying to downsize her flock. We ended up with 5 at first due to dogs attacking her flock killing all but 5.
4 Rhode Island's Reds and 1 Barr Rock.

About 3 weeks later #6 came into our lives: Annie. She was one of the original ones we were supposed to get, however since the attack they were all gone, or so the owner thought. Annie survived and was injured. We took happily and she has been the Norma Ray of the flock. She is what is termed an Easter Egger. Her eggs are a pale blue.

Last fall I bought a traditional coop for my chickens so they would be more comfortable than in the tiny tractor coop that came with the original 5. I had lost 2 reds due to my dog not liking us getting the girls.

We weathered the OH winter and this spring I lost the rock due to neighbors dogs. I had to stop free ranging to protect the birds. We are now back to 6, as the original person we got the original flock from had some for sale. We got 3 Buff Orpingtons!

I hope to be a better owner to my girls.

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