Newly hatched baby chicks pecking at bad egg inside incubator


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Dec 20, 2020
A chick tried to hatch out over the night but I assume died in the process. Theres a hole in the egg with goo, im guessing yolk that the chick didn't eat, sticking out of the hole. Today two more chicks have hatched and keep pecking at the bad egg. They're in an incubator and I've been told not to open it, but im curious if the bad egg needs to be gotten out. I don't want them to continue picking at the goo if its bad for them, or even if they pick down to the dead chick inside the egg.
(Bad egg seen in background)


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Take the gooey egg out, its probably decomposing. When your chicks look dry take them out also and put them in a brooder. When you remove the chicks, just raise the humidity back up to 65 to 70%. You can use a misting sprayer to do it.
You can open the incubator quickly without it causing too much problem, just make sure the humidity gets back up pretty quick. How long has the “bad” egg had a hole in it? If it’s been over 24 hours I would pull it out and go into it like an assisted hatch just in case the chick is alive and needs help.
Ps. The chicks don’t “eat” the yolk inside the egg, they absorb what’s left of it into their abdomen after they pip, and before they hatch. That’s why it takes so long. That chick may have ruptured the yolk while trying to hatch which caused its death.

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