newly hatched chicks not doing well

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    My friend just hatched her first batch of chicks - 7 hatched - and now she is having bad luck. They have been out of the 'bator for about 24 hours. She said some have gunky eyes that they can't open, and one has pasty butt. She is brooding them on pine chips - I suggested getting them on paper towels. She is watching the temperature. What else could be going on here?

    One had spraddle leg, and it died. Another was born with its insides out and had to be culled. Another small one just died without any apparent reason.

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    not sure what is going on.... will keep an ey eon the thread would like to know what others think about it
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    how were the temps during hatching? maybe they hatched to early, or to late? or the heat in the brooder?
    Could be anything. where did she get the eggs?
    It is always sad when your first hatch ends sad.. how are the other chicks?
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    High temperature during incubation, causing them to hatch early ?
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    Mar 27, 2009
    As far as the pasty butt...they may be too hot or too cold. Just use a warm wet washcloth and gently dab their little butts, or soak them in warm water till the poo comes off. Don't pull it off. Are they on chick starter crumble? Are they getting plenty of water? It may just be stress. But you have to get the poo off. As for the eyes....I don't know......maybe someone else here has some advice? [​IMG]
    IF they are too hot or too cold...they will let you know...too cold...huddling under heat lamp. Too hot, getting as far away from lamp as possible....Let us know
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    They did start hatching a full day early, but most hatched on the day they were due. She incubated in a hova-bator.

    Eggs were mostly from her own Sussex and from her parents flock. They were local and from healthy birds (I just hatched some of her sussex chicks the week before).

    3 of her chicks are healthy, but I have not heard any news yet this morning.

    She said she has three thermometers in the brooder, so I know she's watching the temperatures.

    I'll post when I hear today. She was really upset about it last night. All I could think of is maybe they are eating small pine chips or else there are some fumes coming off of the fresh chips.
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    Oct 2, 2007
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    are you sure she is using pine chips? maybe she has cedar by mistake??
  8. BeardedChick

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    Quote:They are definitely pine shavings. That was my first thought, too! [​IMG]

    She said all 5 were alive this morning when she left for work.
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    Apr 24, 2009
    I have a pasty butt too, well she's been cured. what i did is i fed her raw quaker oatmeal for a while and i believe someone has already told u to soak her butt and get the poo off. I haven't had any trouble with my pasty since i got the poo off. I still continue to feed all of my chickens oatmeal because my book says it keeps them healthy (which they are!). Best of luck!!! [​IMG]

    but dont forget : OATMEAL!!!
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    Lincoln, Illinois
    glad they are still alive, maybe it was just a fluke.. like a computer glitch only with eggs!

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