Newly hatched duckling with bum leg...


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
We have a Pekin who hatched at about 8am today. It is doing well and is all fluffy but it is dragging it's left leg behind it. It is trying really hard to get up and walk but it can't. We don't really want to cull it since it seems very healthy otherwise, any ideas on what we can do to help it?
Poor little guy...

Have you tries to carefully see if he can move or bend his leg?? Have you had a good look to see if it seems fused??

Only thing I can suggest at this stage is to try to treat him like he had splay legs. As long as it doesnt seem to cause him any pain you could try strapping the leg into a more normal position. If it hurts him if you try to move his leg- dont force it. It could be tendon damage.

Was it an incubated baby or is it with the mother?? It will have a better chance if you take care of it. The mother would know something is wrong with this little guy and posibly reject, hurt or maybe kill him.
The duckling can bend it's leg and doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. It is keeping both legs out behind it when it lays down but then it is struggling really hard to get up on both feet. I hatched the duckling in my incubator and have it in a separate brooder with another very quiet duckling for company. I was thinking about trying to keep it comfortable and then eventually trying water therapy to try to strengthen the leg. I will go ahead and see if I can splint it. Thanks for the idea!
Some water therapy would also be a good idea to strengthen the legs- but dont let it swim few more then 2 minutes or so while so little and that it has a warm place to go to straight after so it doesnt get chilled.
The fact that it can bend the leg is a hopeful sign at this stage. And happy to hear the litlte guy is being kept with a friend- that will help keep him happier too. Hope the little guy improves...he sounds like he has a bit of fight in him.

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