Newly hatched egg in pen, WHAT SHOUld I DO?

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Sep 12, 2009
:)Hello everyone!

An egg with a chicken in it hatched earlier this morning in my chicken pen. The hen that has been sitting on the eggs for about 21 days was also sitting on this newly hatched chicken this morning. There are about 3 roosters and 3 hens also in the pen with that mom and new baby, along with a lot of other eggs that should hatch soon.


Should I separate the other chickens from the mom and her eggs and chickens, and put them in the extension on the pen which I can separate from the main pen?

Or, should I just leave the other chickens alone? Also, should I put any food and water my the mom and her eggs and newly hatched chicken? I was also thinking about putting a blanket out there for them as it may get down to 50 tonight.


GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats on your baby. Mother hen will keep the baby warm, no need for blanket. As far as separating I would if possible but the hen will protect her babies. Food you can put some starter food out so the mom can feed it to them if she wants, but she may just feed them what she eats. Do they free range? If they do she will most likely take the babies out away from everyone else and teach them all they need to know. Someone with more experience should answer your questions better then I but I hope this helps a little. Good luck to the new mom.

Oh, and WELCOME.
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:)Thank you!

That is great advice. Another one has hatched, and I have separated the chickens. I am so excited! The new chickens are so cute. Do you think if i'm able that I should pick them up, or is that a bad idea?
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