next year christmas shopping.......

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Is solely going to be done by dh - - On the top of the big gifts to get this year for our family was ROCKBAND 2 for our wii.
    everyone in our family knows if I found it it was going to be our gift - we have told the kids this and talked about it
    I found it today after umpteen phonecalls the last 4 weeks and hours spent online looking for it. If a store had it they told me they wouldnt "hold" it for me
    and seeing as I live out in the toolies I really dont want to risk driving in a bunch of times a day on the hopes that it might still be there
    So I found it at Toys r us and asked them to hold it and they said yes but only for 2 hours and then they would shelve it again
    It was a 1.5 hour drive each way + dropping off kids at babysitter and going to the bank and getting gas - I did manage to find a babysitter for the 2 kids at home and not in school. got home in time to get the third from the bus
    called dh and told him I had it and he gave me trouble cause now the kids know I have it (they saw it in the van) didnt have time to hide it in the rush that I was in and well we never leave the house just because and I told them that is why we were in a huge hurry was cause I finaly found Rockband (they were purty dang excited)
    I was just so happy to find it
    Way to burst that bubble with one flippin mean remark.
    GRRR so next year its on him and when he finds that one gift that we all want for christmas I am going to squash his happy feeling about it like a bug.
    ok all done now thanks for listening lol

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    Poor thing...Hope you are better....I miss children in the house.........but not the kind of scenario of shopping.....Never been much of a shopper and our little boonies is just fine by me....There's shopping a ways off but I mostly just ignore it.

    I think you all just need to work on a project together for next year....Build a chicken tractor.... a coop? a brooder.....

    Shopping is just too hard!

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