Nice to be here!


May 26, 2011
Roanoke County, Virginia
I bumped into your site several times as I've done chicken and coop research today, and I'm impressed enough to join. Good information, tolerance for newbies, and a friendly atmosphere make a great combination for learning. My family had chickens when I was young and I always enjoyed them as well as having fresh eggs. After visiting my sister and her husband at their farm, it made me start thinking about what I could do here at home. I love that chickens will eat veggie scraps and insects while providing useful manure and eggs so I want to start with one chicken as I relearn how to care for them.

I'm currently at a change point in my life, adapting to the idea of aging, and looking for gentle hobbies that won't keep me up with pain;)
Hi glad you joined byc
there is lots of great people and info here.

And enjoy your chicken journey!

It would be best to start off with more than one chicken since they do prefer to be with each other.

Chickens do not like to be lonely and will thrive better and happier if you get more.

If space allows, start off with just 3 or 4 since the care will be the same as it is with just one chick.

from PA.

This is a great website and is filled with good information and lots of friendly people!

I agree that you should get more than 1 chicken as they are flock animals and will be much happier than if they were alone. Be careful of "chicken math" though!

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