Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale in Arkansas!


12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
I'm posting this for a friend, she is moving and needs to sell her nigi herd. She has two does, one buck and one wether. I believe all are registered!

I will tell what I know about them, for more info you will need to contact the owner!

1st doe is April, this is a nice show quality doe! And I believe she is bred to Ty (the buck)! Here are some pics! (her fur is abit bleached in the pics, but she is black and white)


Next doe is Charity, she's also been exposed to Ty, I think it's been awhile since she last kidded, but her last kids were triplets!


And here are pics of the buck, he will be one year old on May 8th, I own his mom and full brother! He's the prettiest chockolate and white, I'm hoping his mom gives me a doe the same color!


And lastly the wether, Gil!

She said she'd like $250 for each of the does, $150 for Ty, and $35 for Gil, or I think she said she'd let Gil go for free w/ the purchase of one of the others! She said if someone wanted all 4 she'd let them go for $600. It would be a great start up herd!

If you are interested you can call 870-273-4627, or email [email protected] !
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Yes they are nice goats, but of course I am partial to the buck since I raised him! I would have kept him if he'd been a doe, I did keep his bro!
Oh they are so cute and just the breed I wanted. I would be interested in the whole herd if I was closer or knew of a way to get them here. Right now I have a deposit on 2 nigerian dwarf kids here that will cost me $700!
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I would be interested in taking all if she would deliver them. I'm in Woodville, MS 30 miles south of Natchez on Hwy 61 - not sure where in Arkansas she is. I've been planning on starting a herd of Nigerian Dwarfs. New farm has stalls, stables, barn, goat pen, even the milking/sheering station.
I think she's near Jonesboro, you can give her a call or send her an email and see if she'd deliver, can't hurt to ask!
I thought I'd bump this up w/ a pic, I found this pic of Ty and his bro just after they were born, I just hope whoever gets them will send me pics of Ty's first kids when they get here! His mom w/ be having kids again in May, I can't wait!

Anyway here is baby Ty!

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