Night light for chickens?


9 Years
Jan 23, 2011
Where I want to build my coop/run is almost directly under one of those security lights that the utility companies put up. It's one of those like a street light up on a telephone pole.

Too much light for them to get a good nights sleep?

My wife is already getting agitated just thinking about the crowing, I sure don't want them going off at 2am more than they have to.
If there's a roo and there's a light, there's a good chance there will be some nighttime crowing.
I read, either here somewhere or in Raising Chickens for Dummies, that an actuall nightlight is a good thing to have in the coop if you live in an area with rats. A little light lets the chickens defend themselves from the things that go bump in the night that are smaller than they are anyway.
If you have an enclosed coop that you're going to shut them in at night, you can always cover the windows - we have shutters on ours. Mind you, it doesn't stop the rooster crowing at 3am anyway - we had to put in soundproofing as well.
Yeah...the plus side is that it should help keep predators away. But I would definitely think about some kind of home-made shutters if your coop will have windows...we built single, hinged storm/hurricane type shutters for our coop windows - to keep rain rain out, not light. But something like that might work well for you because it'd still allow a breeze through in the hot months by lowering it most, but not all of the way down. Insulation helps a lot with crowing volume - or just don't keep a rooster.
My Roos crow any time of the day or night. It doesnt seem to matter to them what time of day it actually is. I guess I have gotten used to it as I dont even hear it during the night unless I really concentrate. Terri O
I worry about rats. We had a population spike in them until I spread around some of my good cooking - Peanut Butter Poison Surprize. I'd go in the laundry room at night and they'd be scurrying around, I'd talk nicely to them and they'd even kind of stick around - yeah, feel comfortable and try the cuisine, my cuties!

I seem to have them under control for now ... I'm just glad my gals live about 10 ft from my trailer so.... I like to think the rats will think twice.
The two things I worry about are rats and snakes. I hate to kill the snake that lives in the barn because I know he eats the rats. At various times I've had a snake eat a dozen eggs and kill a dozen biddies, more or less.

Love the "Rooster" sauce by the way, I've heard Siracchi referred to as the "crack" of condiments and I have to say I agree.
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