night scope for rifle??

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I have a 250 savage (late 1800's) model ladies' rifle. I love it. It's light-weight and shoots perfectly. However, 99% of the time I need to use it, it's dark out. The coyotes have gotten so brazen that even when shining a spot light on them, they just stand there. However, my scope does not pick up enough light to allow me to shoot in the dark and even with one of us (hubby or myself) holding the spotlight on the coyotes, it's still not bright enough...

Usually, it's about 50-100 yard shot...

Anyone know where I can get a night scope for my gun? Or maybe a laser sight (red dot) thing?
There is a company (of which I can't recall) that makes a lazer that simply clamps onto the trigger guard of ANY gun. It was relatively cheap($75) compared to the others that are $300+ A red dot scope wouldn't do you any good because you still would have to see thru the scope to acquire your target.
Hmmm....yeah....I didn't think of that!
LOL These coyotes need to go! There were FIVE of them on Friday night and last night, three (two adults) and one juvenile.

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