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    Do meaties follow the same rules as standards in regards to night temps? I'm trying to decide when to get my meaties so they can go outside at about 3 weeks. I'm in Idaho, day temps are 55 to 65. Night temps are between 35 and 40.
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    I have an A frame coop I call a halfway house. Half of it is closed off and the other half is open I put chicks out at 3 weeks with a heat lamp in the closed off section. One thing to think about is even if they can stay warm enough at night the calories they burn will slow their growth. A 80/60 Day/night temps would be alot better.
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    I agree!
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    Mar 21, 2011
    A fully feathered bird at 3 weeks old can survive freezing temps, provided they have protection from wind and rain. Agree with others that higher temps at night would be more ideal.
    Ideally you would put them out in the morning on a sunny day, and have the first night in the 40's or higher (assuming they are 3 weeks or older and mostly feathered/have wind & rain protection.)
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