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  1. I've posted elsewhere but am on lock down for my 4 Maran eggs, due to hatch Friday. Because it's humid here I haven't been adding water and it's been well let's say at least one of the recommended humidity ranges, sometimes would go higher, sometimes lower but I tried not to be stressed, now I've heard Maran eggs may have needed higher humidity, my air cells are too big, I'm overthinking!! Last time I had disasters trying to add water, sometimes it shot up to 90. I added a damp sponge and it shot right up to 95. They only way to keep it at 65-70 is with two small pieces of sponge but they dry out quickly. I've added some wet paper towel and that's ok for now, but what will happen in the night. I can keep my eye on it during day as am at home for the next two days but worried about it getting to low at night. Should I start of with it higher to allow for it going lower in the night.

    Don't tell me I'm overthinking. I can't help it, I was born like this!!!
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    How do you have the sponges set up? It's too late to do fine adjustments now but the standard way to add sponges is to put them in a reservoir of water so they can wick water out of the reservoir to keep from drying out. Not sure how you did it.

    What causes a humidity rise is the surface area of the water. If you add another water reservoir the humidity should go up. If you cover part of the surface of a water reservoir, say with foil, to reduce surface area humidity should go down. If you spill water or get part of the inside of your incubator wet the humidity can really spike until it dries.

    I use these accordion straws taped together to get to my water reservoirs, the syringe puts water in the straw. I go in through a vent hole. This might come in handy for you to dd water where you want it.

  3. Thanks for answering, I can literally only put drops in, any amount in the reservoir and it's way too high. I haven't been able to use it as per the manual which said to fill all 5 reservoirs. 5 drops seems to do it. There isn't a hole to fill it through, you have to open the lid. I did manage last time just spraying water in to a degree. The video I saw did not talk about a sponge in a reservoir, it just said damp sponge, someone else said sponge the size of quarters. When I added two small pieces of damp sponge it worked, no matter how I do it I have to open the box. Maybe I just won't sleep!!!
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  4. I wonder if I am not explaining this right.

    It seems to take such a small amount of water to raise humidity that if I leave it to long it dries out and lowers, i.e. When I'm asleep. . I have no way of adding water without lifting the lid. So far my box has been great, this is it's huge downside I've realised.

    So I left it at 75% and woke up at 5am and it was down to 38%. I've raised it again but I'll have to keep checking.

    Ill be moving the box to my bedroom tonight I think. The first time I said never again, I now remember why. This is stressful.
  5. I think I've solved it. I swapped the damp sponges for a lid filled with water and a piece sponge and it's holding at 70% phew. Going with higher humidity as was told Maran eggs might need it. I can easily refill this very quickly. Outside humidity is 72%

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    I did my marans hatch at 65%.
    I also dry hatched them and had better luck.

    Can’t dry hatch any other breed here in my location though.

    Those straws through the vent hole is genius! I’ve been opening my lid and getting water in real quick when I can all this time like a fool!!!
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  7. I'm off to buy straws. I had some and my husband gave them to a friends son. Grrr! I think it will be a brilliant way to fill the wee lid. Im going to swap it for a smaller lid and see if I can get it down a bit. Do you mean you added no water at hatching either. I dry hatched up till now.
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    We have very high humidity in Florida, most of the time. The heat in the incubator helps offset it some, but I've never been able to fill all the reservoirs either, as per the instructions. I do try to get the humidity somewhat stable before adding eggs. A jar lid placed in the incubator, with a bit of water, and a sponge seems to work best. To increase humidity at lockdown, I add another lid with a bit of water in it, since I'm not trying to raise it too much.
  9. Yes I've just found the perfect lid size to get 65%. The other lid was 68%. So I'm happy it's not gone way down, but I feel I've solved my problem, thanks, it's good to know others have had the same issue. Going to get another lid same size just ready for a quick swap before bed. I will sleep tonight :thumbsup
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