Ninja Snake :/


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May 4, 2010
Normally, I don't double check on my chickens at night. I usually check their food and water, turn their light on, and then go inside. But for some reason I decided to double check tonight, and I saw a black thin object on the ramp. I was like "what the....", I looked closer, and I noticed it moved from it's original spot. It went from thick to thinner, like a snake, head to tail. And I went in the house, got a shovel, came back out, and it was gone. So, I'm a bit worried. It a medium sized snake, and we have 7 chickens. 2 Silkies (hens), 2 Aracaunas (Pretty large chickens, both hens), Black Cochin Bantams (one is a rooster, one is a hen), and a B.B Red Rooster (still a baby. He's about a month old, fly well). With 1 Full grown rooster, 5 hens, 2 of them large hens, and a baby rooster....would the chickens be protected enough? They have a light, so they can see.

And the biggest rooster, Foghorn (Black Cochin Bantam), usually sits up on top of the coop and looks down over the hens and baby rooster when they are inside the coop. We have no eggs in the coop. Would everything be fine, or should I keep looking for the snake?

The snake disappeared when I came back out.


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Oct 20, 2008
I would keep an eye out. Its probably harmless to your chickens but you will know soon enough. Maybe it just wanted the heat from the lamp. I think there are ways to trap them. Im sure you could find posts on here to help you figure out how. I hope nothing happens to your chicks.


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I would put the baby rooster in a much safer spot at night till you find the snake. My experience with them is, they disappear when startled but when things quiet down, they return to the same place.

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