Nipple Waterer Training?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I am SO DONE with poop in the waterer, so the feed store suggested a nipple waterer. I did my research, and we have a plan for building a waterer from PVC pipes. What I want to know is, will the chickens teach themselves how to use it?

And, if anyone answering this who has a nipple water system, where did you get the nipples? Or what are they called?

will have to get one chicken to start drinking from it and the rest will follow. They are attracted to the nipple because if it's color and because of their natural nosiness. Basically what Idid was the 5 gallon bucket method and I left their regular waterer out as as well until I saw the water level go down in the bucket. Once I saw that I took away their old waterer and the rest is history. Very easy, very clean. This is the single best thing I have done yet in my coop.

**EDIT** Also, they make a screw in type nipple as another option if push in is not for you. I use the push ins, I put 3 in the bottom of a bucket. They work great.
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If you're using PVC do not get the high flow type, rather get the one that's orangish. They can push the valve all the way out into the container and then all the water pours out and your chickens have no water.
In fact I'll never get that type for any application but for pvc it's worse cause you can't fix it.

I started them on a hot day and removed the regular waterer, they soon found and used the nipples.

My chickens use them but still act like they're dying of thirst. Is it because they are waiting for me to bring another type waterer in?
?? How did this happen? There is no way to push the valve all the way out on the 4 that I have. In fact, I just took my spare and tried very hard to push it out and unless I take a hammer to it, it is not coming out. I'm not saying it didn't happen to you, but I am wondering how just so I do not end up with 5 gallons of water on my coop floor.
Picked our chicks up on Friday and started using the nipple waterers today, they went straight for it and have been using them since. Sooooo much cleaner. One is leaking though so we will have to try a new one.
At three weeks my 5 BO chicks figured out the nipple waterer in one hour flat. They are naturally curious and the red color attracts them, so that they peck at it. Water comes out, they drink it, and they are
fixed for life. Nobody has to be "shown" how to do it.

Oh yes, and there is no way you can "push the valve all the way into the container". If they can do this, then something is seriously wrong with the nipple installation.

For buying the nipples do a search on this forum. Farm Tec, perhaps TSC and one of our forum members sell them. Some of the shipping is too high, so check that out.
I have mine on the bottom of a five gallon bucket. I am a big fan of not having to change out dirty water several times a day. For training I removed the old waterer at night when putting the chickens away, and replaced it with the new waterer. When I came out in the morning the chickens where drinking from it. A plus is if your going to be gone for a day or two they will have plenty of fresh water.

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