No Brooder Lamps!!!!


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Wilds of Montana
Murphy has struck.
My chicks are hatching and when I went to plug in the brooder lamp, it was dead. I found one new bulb left and when I plugged it in, nothing.
I tried that bulb in a second brooder lamp, and nothing. I switched outlets. Nope.

So, I have no brooder. It is snowing tonight. The road is an absolute nightmare and I must plow before going out plus chain up tomorrow. We're 25 miles from the nearest store to buy a new bulb. It's 11 pm.

I plugged in my old hovabator and I'm praying it works.
It's getting crowded in the brinsea mini. I guess the chicks are staying indoors for a bit.
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When life gives you lemons, open a bottle of wine, but not until you get back from the store.

Do you have one of those illegal incandescent lights we use as work lights on a cord so you can see in remote dark places? You can drop that in the brooder as a heat source if you do. Possible you have a desk lamp you can rig to work? Anything in an emergency.
^ what Ridgerunner said....any kind of light that creates heat will work......or

try Laree's beansock..............dried beans in a sock, warmed in the microwave and put in the brooder for them to snuggle with. They don't "need" light just warmth.

they are okay!

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