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This is my first time incubating chicken eggs (or any sort for that matter.) I have 2 girls and we are SO anxiously awaiting our hatch. I set the eggs on the afternoon of February 16th, but am not sure if today or yesterday counts as day 21. There are a few (out of 22) eggs wriggling, but so far no chirping. I don't know what to do? Shouldn't they be at least chirping yet? Or do some eggs not chirp before they peep? We can think and do nothing but wait for these chicks and it is so painful! I am just wondering if there is any hope. When candled most of them seemed alive, so they are fertile. I don't know if it is too early to be worried or not. HELP:(
Hi, Oona...I'm right there with you - except 2 of mine have hatched and one has pipped...another is chirping but no pip and the other 2 are making no sounds. How long do I wait?? I have $ and my heart tied up in these chickens...I really want the ones left to hatch. HELP!
We would be happy if even ONE hatched! My girls have spent hours just staring through the clear window in the incubator. This is so Sloooooow. I would just like to know if there is hope, but for now we are hope-ful! Good luck with the rest of your hatch! This is so exciting!
have you tried tapping on the window or whistling near the holes of the bator?
I know it sounds silly but thats what I do to see if I get a reaction some times it seems to get them excited enough to pip through.

Just a thought it can't hurt to try!

Good luck!
Congrats on hatching for the first time!
It is very addicting!!!

Hang in there, sometimes they take their sweet time and don't hatch on day 21 or 22 or day 23! I agree with the other post, tap on the window of the incubator! and There is always hope!!!! It is nerve wracking, I know!

Good luck
and keep us posted!!
OK, my daughter is now singing to them and she is SURE it makes them wiggle more! They still aren't chirping, and I would have expected them to do at least that by now. Thanks for the encouragment! I love this forum!

I will be patient....I will be patient...I will be patient...
Thank you for pointing me to the hopeful post. We STILL don't even hear chirping yet, and this is day 22/23 (I am not exactly sure how to count, but they were set on the afternoon of Feb 16th) I just wish we knew if anything MIGHT happen, because none of us can do anything but check every five minutes for chirping. It seems like most people hear chirping for a long time before even any peeps, so this leads me to think we are doomed:( If they haven't even popped through the air sack yet this late in the game I assume this is the end? Do some chicks never make a sound but still hatch OK? I know there is nothing anyone can do, just thought I might ask.
I don't usually hear chirping until they pip because I don't open my incubator until they hatch out and I think their chirps are too quiet to hear until there is a hole.

If your temps were even slightly low, they may take a bit longer to hatch. It is hard to tell until you have had several hatches. I have one thermometer (that I need to replace!) that is at the right temp when it says 104! And I still get palpitations every time I see it. lol

Is your humidity up enough for them to hatch?

I don't know what the exact humidity is. I only have a thermometer, not the other thing that tests water. I will be getting one for the next hatch for sure! I have all of the troughs filled and the little windows have steam on them, so I am hoping that is enough humidity. The temperature has never been super stable either, so I have probably pretty much done everything wrong. Now I will know for next time....
Thanks for the hope:)

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