No Ducklings?


7 Years
Oct 3, 2012
Western Sydney, Australia
Hi All,

Heres a link to my thread, which I actually thought I had posted here! If anyone can answer my questions Id be most grateful.

Im also shopping for my first incubator right now, in Sydney Australia, prefer to spend $100 or less if possible, can any one recommend me a good one? Doing some online research at the moment.

As an update to my thread above Varia abandoned the nest yesterday. A few days prior she had thrown out all her newly laid eggs save 4 which I thought was a good sign, then yesterday destroyed the nest and threw the last 4 out of the box onto the floor. The drake has been breeding her and I want an incubator on hand and ready so I can give this a shot myself,
As an update to this, I have just found out my horses have potassium overload partly due to overly acidic soil. Could this be affecting my girls breeding success? We only moved here mid last year so it took awhile for symptoms and causes to come together. The horses are now on supplements to correct their internal PH while we work on the paddocks, I was wondering if the ducks could use some calcium and magnesium as well? I have D.C.P Di Calcium phosphate, I could easily mix a handful of this into duck feed.

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