No eggs, again

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7 Years
Aug 16, 2012
Here, there, and everywhere
I need help, I had 7 laying hens, averaging 6 eggs a day, I introduced 5 more hens, and a rooster, and they laid about 8 eggs a day, but they gradually slacked off to 0 eggs. They kicked back in, i started getting 3 eggs a day, but then a house down the road burned down (No one was hurt), and I reckon the noise scared them and they stopped laying for a while. Then we started getting 1 egg a day, and this went on 1 egg every day for about 2 weeks. Then our neighbors started on an addition to their house, and all the machinery caused them to quit laying again. It's now been 2 weeks since I've gotten any eggs, is there something else going on? Any tips on kicking them back in? Please, any help will be appreciated.
Are you sure something/someone isn't getting the eggs before you are? Are they molting?
My chickens are exposed to gunfire, stomping mules, field mowers, the neighbors baying coon hounds, construction equipment and so on. The thing that affects my hen's production most is extreme cold/hot weather and lack of daylight in the winter.
I don't see any signs of molt, and no signs of anything stealing their eggs. Their combs are still red, and their squatting some. The weather has been going from warm to cold and back again, could this mess their laying?
My hens did the same thing. I had eggs everywhere. Then I sold some to get more down to a manageable number and they quite. So I sold down to five and got rid of my roosters. That seemed to really get to um. Now I have only 5 hens with 6- 8 week old Welsummer's. One is a cockrell so well see. But now from the 5 I get 4 eggs a day and sometimes 5. I think what really made the difference on the egg number is I threatened the hens. No egg, no scratch. Now I get eggs and they get their scratch.

I have 2 that have been here 3 years and they're still laying rather regularly. A golden laced Wyandotte and a Welsummer.
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