No eggs and another moult?

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  1. Our EE moulted in April resulting in a GIANT NEW TAIL! Now, she's stopped laying eggs and is in another moult, only 3 months later! How often do they usually moult?


    I thought maybe:

    ...was that just too much new, big growth? her coop too hot overnite? she too old to keep laying eggs? 2.5 years.
    ...does that icky Nutrena Feed we're trying to use up have bad things in it? We prefer Purina Layena but didnt want to waste the bag we have. the hormonal changes of her coop mates (2.5year old rosecomb who doesn't lay anymore and eternally broody Silkie who hasn't laid an egg since March) affect her hormones?
    ...we have milkweed in the garden for the monarch butterflies, but the chickens gobble up the green japanese beetles from the milkweed flowers, maybe the beetles absorbed some of the milkweed poison?
    ...did toad spit affect her hormones? I know we had some really big toads that "suddenly disappeared" and Roaster is pretty darn hefty for an EE girl. (We used to have a cat who enjoyed the effects of toad spit, he'd rub the toads all over himself and look like a drug addict with rabies, foaming at the mouth and walking sideways into walls)

    Anything else that could be causing her changes? Their last worm check was only 2 months ago, they were clean and healthy.

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